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We set out to understand how active Melbourne family lawyers were on social media, and how many of them are using Facebook Ads to grow their business and acquire new clients.

The Top 50 Melbourne Family Law Firms, according to Google’s Search Results

We audited the Top 50 Family Law Firms in Melbourne, according to their Google Ranking, to work out how many of them were using Facebook to advertise and generate new business.

All information used in this report is publicly available on the internet and free for anyone to find.

Firstly, we went to Google and searched “family lawyers Melbourne.”

We then visited the top 50 websites (see list below).

How many of them are using Facebook’s Business Platform?

In order to understand whether these businesses were using Facebook’s powerful business platform to run ads and promote their business, we looked to see if the Facebook Pixel was installed on their site. We used the Facebook Pixel Helper extension in Google Chrome to determine this.

The Result…

Out of the 50 sites we audited, only 5 had the Facebook Pixel installed. And out of those 5, only 2 had an active Facebook Ads campaign at the time of publication.  See table below.

This means that 96% of the top 50 family law firms in Melbourne (by Google Ranking) aren’t using Facebook’s Business platform to market their business.

Why is it that family lawyers aren’t using one of the most powerful advertising platforms in Australia to promote their business?

Consider the following statistics from 2018:

  • Australians are on social media for 1 hour and 39 minutes on average per day.
  • 70% of all social media accounts are Facebook accounts.
  • 15 million of these people communicate through social media on a mobile.

The reality is that most Australian’s have a Facebook account and are active on the platform. By using Facebook’s Business platform, a family law firm can run ads to these people and target those individuals who may be intending to engage a family lawyer in the near future.

How to use Facebook Ads to grow your Family Law Firm…

Let’s look at the following scenario:

Let’s say you’re a family law firm in Melbourne wanting to target people that are intending to get divorced.

According to the ABS, in 2016, the highest rates of divorce were among 40-49 year olds (combined they equate to 30 divorces per 1,000 married men/women, compared to 25-29 year olds that make up 16 divorces per 1,000 married men/women – see table below).

Currently, there are 650,000 people on Facebook aged 40-49 who live within 20kms of Melbourne.

The first step is to run an awareness campaign to this demographic using Facebook Ads to find out who amongst them is thinking about, or currently going through, a separation.

This can be achieved by running a link-click campaign and then creating an audience of people that visit your site and engage with your ads.  These people have shown an interest in your ads, meaning they could be thinking about separating, or they could be currently separated and looking to get divorced.

You could then run more targeted ads to this audience asking them to take a specific action, such as booking in a time to meet with you to discuss their situation. This is called retargeting.

Retargeting people that have visited your site and engaged with your ads allows you to continually show up in their Facebook News Feeds.  This builds strong brand awareness so when the time is right for them to take action, you’re right there in front of them.

Take action now, before someone else does…

The reality is, your customers are on Facebook.  And you’re missing out on a huge opportunity by not marketing to them.

If you’re interested in running a targeted Facebook Ads campaign to generate more leads and customers for your practice, click the button below to find out more.