Unknown Charge

The charges are coming from another company called  Yomedias.  Please check your statement.  If you see the name “yomedias.com” on your statement, please visit their website yomedias.com.

Note:  WE ARE NOT YOMEDIAS.  We have nothing to do with them.  They are a UK based company.  Please visit their website yomedias.com for more info.


Recently, we have been receiving a lot of messages from people claiming that a company called “Yo Media” has taken money from their credit card or bank account.

Naturally, people have been searching for “Yo Media” in Google and we come up number one.

Because of this, people think we are the one that’s debited their bank account or credit card.

We can 100% Guarantee that we aren’t the Yo Media who debited your account.

Unless you’re a digital marketing client of ours, it wasn’t us who took money from your account.

We ONLY sell digital marketing services.

Unless you have purchased digital marketing services from us directly, then WE DID NOT DEBIT YOUR ACCOUNT.

How Do I Get My Money Back?

The company that took your money is most likely yomedias.com.  Please visit their site and request a refund or contact their support at info@yomedias.com.

You can also contact your bank or PayPal and get them to initiate a chargeback.

If It Wasn’t You, Then Who Was It?

From our own Google searches, there are approximately 13 other Yo Media’s around the world.

After speaking to people over the last few months, it seems that a website called yomedias.com. or hippievibestore.com is responsible for a lot of these charges.

See the below message from Jim who emailed us recently querying a payment on his account:


We also get weird messages like the ones below asking about orders and products:

We definitely don’t sell Doberman Duvet’s.


And we definitely don’t sell Labrador Retriever Car Sun Screens!


Free free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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